In this hotel there are no meeting and conference rooms. There are living spaces, areas designed for comfort that, although they can be used exclusively, they are rooms with personality, airy and alive. With natural light (although with the possibility of total darkness), both the Restaurant area and the Living Room benefit from direct access to the street, as well as terraces with balconies and a small green area.

Ensuring airing and ample spaces to guarantee the safety distances required today, the two rooms can be reserved for private use either for presentations, conferences and meetings, or for business meetings and productive evenings working together with the normal activity of the establishments. Canadiano | Urban Nature Hotel team will ensure the audiovisual media and the necessary cafeteria, welcoming or cocktail services to contribute to the success of any project, be it personal or business.



Wi-Fi, document support (stationery, pen, file, water) with the advantage of being located in the city center and having private parking, in Canadiano | Urban Nature Hotel we develop alternative programs such as:

  • Day Use Downtime: possibility of using a room for half a day (designed for a rest afternoon, or a stopover in the city before a big trip or meeting with the comfort of a room)
  • Working Pack: Usage of the Living Room with free Wi-Fi, coffee or drink and snack and parking
  • Meeting Day: Schedule your meetings with us in a program that streamlines your schedule with complete security. It includes a welcoming service at reception, drinks or coffees and finger foods designed for 6 to 8 participants. Includes parking.
  • Conference / Workshop: rental of the Aldeão’s Restaurant room with desired layout (in U, in School-layout, Conference-mode) ensuring the guiding security measures of the DGS. Includes TV or projector and screen or other audiovisual media (sound systems, etc.)

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