Friends & family

The Canadian Urban Nature Hotel invites you to this universe that brings together nature with urban life in the middle of the Atlantic! Are you prepared to live the experience more exclusive and regional city of Ponta Delgada?

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Aldeão Comfort Food

In the Aldeão restaurant, land and sea elements typically Azorean arfe combined, for an awakening of the best sensations, whether dining alone or sharing the tasting of flavors from local producers.

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Urban Nature

Friendly living, happy welcoming

Canadiano Hotel is a living and evolving organism. Up-to-date and ready for the challenges of a new era of tourism - like a living being of nature - it grows, flourishes and develops constantly. Canadiano- Urban Nature Hotel, a hotel whose cosmopolitan nature and urban location right in the heart of the city of Ponta Delgada, maintains its hospitable purpose, as well as its admiration for the natural beauty of the archipelago where it is located.