Tips to be a conscious guide Did you know that the Azores are the first archipelago in the World to achieve international certification of sustainable destination, by an entity accredited by the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism?
A night in Canadiano In hospitality the reception is the brain and housekeeping is the heart.
A perfect day What are your plans for a perfect day?
Gardens and parks Ponta Delgada is an inviting city for conversation, sharing and unique experiences.
Gorreana, the history of tea in the Azores Its plantations are like the labyrinth that welcomes all who visit its history and drink its authenticity.
How to plan your trip? The Azores are still a destination of choice due to it’s natural richness, traditions and customs!
Pet Friendly Getaway
Romantic Winter Escape
The 'Canadiano' dream Almost 70 years ago, young Edmundo and Teolinda Pavão were starting their life and dream together.
The rhythm of the city We miss Ponta Delgada with more life!
What to pack for the Azores If you are here it is because you need a break ...
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